Humanities Reflection

I think I’ve grown in my reading because I have read a lot more than I did last year. I also have been residing harder and more challenging books. In fifth grade I read easy books but this year I feel like I have pushed myself more to read more challenging books. One of the favorite books I’ve read is Between Shades Of Grey. Before I never thought I would read a book about war but then after I read that book I started to read harder books and more kinds of books. Now I don’t read a lot realistic fiction and I’m trying to read other genres like fantasy. 

I think I’m the same when it comes to being responsible. I was responsible in the beginning of the year and I still am. I think I’m more perseverant because I try to do harder things than I normally would have. I think I’m still the same in being respectful and collaborative. I share my ideas more and I don’t really worry about getting them wrong. 
I am happy with my progress in membean. I started out on level one but now I’m close to the end of level three. Though I feel like I’m doing less in membean than I did last semester. Last semester, I usually did 80 minutes but in second semester, I always get 60 minutes. I don’t do it much so I just get to sixty minutes and stop and I don’t do anymore. I should not forget about membean and keep going. One of my next steps about membean is trying to use the words because I learn them and forget to use them so there is not much use in learning them so I should really study the words properly and try to use them. 
I think I did well in the podcast, my writing piece could have been clearer with my claim and details but I think I did good one the actual podcast. I know I spoke too fast but that was because I had a lot of information and I didn’t want to make the podcast too long. I enjoyed the unit of Greek myths. Before, I didn’t like reading myths and things about gods but after the unit, I liked it and started to read more myths and books like that. The debate helped me to understand how I can look at things both sides, lie, affirmative and negative. I didn’t want affirmative but I was assigned that but I learnt how to look at things and come up with arguments from either side, even if I don’t agree with it. I also feel like the debate helped me speak more confidently. The book clubs helped me think more about the book. So even if I’m not in a book club I should think more deeply about the book instead of just reading it. 

I grew as a learner by having more stamina and reading more types of books. I speak more confidently and share my ideas more. My next steps are probably to speak more in class and I want to use harder words in my writing pieces and my life using membean. I want to write so that it’s clear about what I’m going to argue about. 

PTC Humanities

This is my video. I used noodletools to research about the four civilisations. I picked the afterlife of Ancient Egypt because it was very interesting. I wanted to do mummification but I found the afterlife and the gods involved in it interesting too. Afterlife relates to religion and I don’t think any other cultural universals. 

It was a little hard to cite my sources at first. I figured out that links were not enough and I had to give more information. I got used to citing the websites and books I used. I think that noodletools is a very helpful way to cite sources and research. 
The notecards made it easier to organise all my work. I also liked that we could put it into our own words. That made it easier and legal. Sometimes, I found it hard to organise my notes on paper but with noodletools, I got to put my different topics in different places which really helped. I think noodletools was very helpful and I will definitely be using it again.