Report Card Goals: Semester One


Being respectful and responsible, and having perseverance and collaborating is one of my strengths

Reading informational text and writing and understanding what we do in social studies. 


I think I do pretty well and I will try to maintain that by keeping it 
I should have better body language to show I am listening 

GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 

  Having good body language

Keeping up my pace and keep trying to meet the standard by checking my PowerSchool and seeing what my grades are


 Making sure I always have good body language 

 Trying to do what I am doing right now so I can keep up my meetings

 At the end of the week checking PowerSchool so I know my progress



  Understanding Structure And Properties Of Matter and all the other units

Being respectful and responsible and collaborative


Answering questions in class since I know most of the answers

Being more perseverant, like not always taking the easier options

GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 

Raising my hand more in class if I know the answer by seeing at the end I class how many times did I raised my hand
 Making sure that I am trying my best all the time and I won’t just give up

 I will try to raise my hand at least 2-3 times in class since I know the answer most of the time

 Maintain my meetings I have for the academic part 


 Being secure in my learning habits like being respectful, responsible, collaborative, and have perseverance

 Understanding the number system and most of the ratios


 Understanding more about ratios and proportions 

 Making sure I don’t make small mistakes in my tests because that’s why I didn’t get a meeting though I knew the concept 


GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 

  Maintaining my learning habits

Improving my understanding of ratios by studying more at time about it


 Checking my answers after I complete the test

 Not making small mistakes

Trying to learn more about ratios and proportions at home


Being perseverant, collaborative, respectful, and responsible

Being able to read, write, speak, and listen in French

 Not get distracted in class

Even though I got a consistently on being perseverant I still think I should be more perseverant

GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 
 Maintaining my learning habits for the rest of the year

Maintaining my understanding of french concepts for the rest of the year

 Listening to directions more and not getting distracted

 I don’t give up but try to do hard things if there is a option, and not always take the easier option



 Being respectful, responsible, and collaborative

I understand fitness

 I need to be more perseverant 
 I need to have some concept knowledge 

GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 
Be more perseverant so when I have a goal I should pick a harder goal

I should get some more concept knowledge on PE

Pay attention in class so I can get some more concept knowledge 

Try to push myself and not go for the easiest option



Two strengths I have when I organise are that I mange my time well. I never forget to do my homework and I always have time to do it. I also get extra time. Sometimes I have to wait for my brother, so I go to the library and I do my homework which I manage to complete. My second strength is that I do all my homework. I use google classroom and sometimes tiny  calendar so I never forget to do any homework. 

Two things I need to improve on is that I should remember what to put in my bag. I sometimes forget to put my notebooks or something important in my bag so I can’t do my homework. So I have to do it on my iPad or something. Another thing I could improve on is keeping my locker organised. It is so messy that sometimes I pick up the wrong thing and I take that to class. So I need to keep my locker organised and neat. 
A goal I have for the next six weeks is that I keep my locker organised and before I go home, I will check my bag to see if I have everything I need. That is my goal, to keep my locker organised and check my bag before I go home. 

Delhi Out And About Final Reflection

For The Delhi And The Seven Cities I think me and my partner did well. I really got to know about the city I studied for. We researched about one city and we were really productive. 

The Kahoot was good and I got to know a lot about technology. Me and my partner made a really good Kahoot. And along with making good questions we learnt a lot about technology our selves. 

I knew a lot about Gandhi already but after the project I got to know more. We researched about his childhood and I didn’t know about his visit to South Africa. I think me and my partner made a good movie. We really got a lot of information in the movie even though it was only five minutes. 

For Old Delhi I enjoyed the bus ride. I liked seeing the transition between New Delhi to Old Delhi. Red Fort was really nice and I got some good picture. But I was disappointed we couldn’t get off the bus.

My trip to India Gate and the Parliment house was good. I have seen India Gate before but not the Parliment house. We were supposed to be really quiet and respectful. I learnt some more about the history of India Gate.

I knew a lot about Gandhi but the Gandhi Meseum helped me understand  about Gandhi’s childhood. I got to understand about his beliefs and how he lived. I think the meseum helped me understand more about Gandhi. We saw his house so I now know that he didn’t wear fancy clothes and more about that stuff.

Dilli Haat was really crowded and filled with things. There was a lot if stuff made out of different matirials. Everything was very different than what you will get in shops in New Delhi.

In the metro ride we went on the metro and experienced what daily life at the metro is. It was emptier than I expected and I have never been on a metro in Delhi. The trip was exciting because it was new for me.
 My favourite trip was Dilli Haat because there was so much stuff. We could even buy it. It was very interesting how everybody acted and what kinds of things there were to buy. It was crowded but that is probably because there were a lot of goods. As you can see in the pictures below, there was a lot of different things.

I also liked the visit the Red Fort. We couldn’t get out of the bus but I still took a good picture. The Red Fort was beautiful. I already knew about Red Fort because that was one of my research projects but I never seen it so close up and in person. 

This was in the Gandhi Meseum

Delhi Out and About Reflection

How is this exploratory helping you in understanding Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions followed?

When we do projects it sticks to my head. We study about different things. I understand about the technology and a few places because I’ve done projects on them. I did a Kahoot on technology which helped me understand technology in India. I studied a city in Delhi called Shahjahanabad, I learned about the places and the rulers. I had to do research about it and then present it. I didn’t know about any cities in Delhi before. So I had to research about the history, we worked with partners. We divided our tasks.
(Talk about the research you did for the slideshow on “Delhi and its Seven Cities”, and kahoot. Describe your experience about the two projects mentioned.)

2. Express your views about the field trips taken so far. (Constructive feedback, like how did it help you with your learning).

When we went to Gandhi Smriti, I knew about him but not that much. I knew that he was important but I didn’t know about his early life. When I went to Old Delhi I saw Red Fort, I got to see a close-up. Also I got see the shops and things in Chandni Chowk. It was really cramped but there was so much stuff that was going on.

3. Describe one exciting memory from class based on the projects or the trips attended.

I really liked when we did the Kahoots, it was really fun. Along with having fun, we were learning at the same time. That’s an exciting memory.



The cuneiform was really hard. It wasn’t showing very good on the clay. I can’t believe that before there were pictures which would have been harder And it would have taken much longer. I think the cuneiform is important to communicate with others, it was the first form of writing. If it didn’t exist then no one would be able to write, not even today. It would have made life harder for us without writing. That’s why it is important to us today. 

Digital Citizenship 

I have taken away that we need to be careful of what we post online and be aware that when you post some something online then you can’t take it back. We need to respect other people. And to protect we should be the only user of the iPad and not share our passwords. Also the iPad is a learning tool. 


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