Oligarchy and Monarchy

There are two systems of government, monarchy and oligarchy. Monarchy is when one person rules, and it usually runs in the family. If the king dies, his son will be the new king. Oligarchy is when a group of people rule. For every decision they make, they have to consult with one another. And if one of them might not agree, the others have the right to kick them out and they will replaced by a middle or low class person.

These are some of the advantages of monarchy. 

You can’t get kicked out

You have all the power to yourself

You can make whatever decisions you want without having to consult with other people

Not much effort to decide the next leader

It was organized

These are some disadvantages of monarchy

The people don’t get to say anything in the matter

The people didn’t have rights

If the King makes an unwise decision then the whole kingdom is affected

The rules are strict

These are some advantages of oligarchy.

Weight of the kingdom isn’t on one person’s shoulders

Each noble still has some power

They got all ten food and riches

More mind power

If one has some rash decisions, the others can talk him out of it

These are some disadvantages of oligarchy.

There will be a lot of arguing

You can get kicked out

You have to agree with everyone to make a decision

It’s bad for the people because they take all their food and riches and they keep it for themselves

They were strict

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