Service Learning Refelction: Humanities

Service Learning Reflection:The ice cream simulation was when we got split up into three groups, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. What I noticed in the town hall meeting, was that most people from the chocolate group were saying that it was unfair. I think part of the ice cream simulation was trying to show that real life is unfair. It’s unfair to people who are poor. 

I noticed that the strawberry group was doing very well. I think that’s because they took their time and collaborated with each other. The chocolate group gave up and started to do their own thing so maybe that’s one reason the chocolate group wasn’t doing very well. 

I also think that another take away would be that you can’t really choose which standard you’re born into. When we did the ice cream survey, we didn’t know why we were doing it. When I ended up in the chocolate group, I wished that I had picked another flavor so I can be in another group. But in real life, you can’t choose which standard you want to be born because it’s not your choice. So it was unfair in the ice cream simulation, but life is also unfair. So one of my take always is that in real life it is unfair (just like in the ice cream simulation). My other take away is that if you want to build a community, you have to collaborate because that’s the only way you can build one. My last take away is that no one gets to pick or choose where they want to be born. It’s not anyone’s fault that they are poor or wealthy. It just happens by chance. 

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