Voices of the River Valley

This is my video. I used noodletools to research about the four civilisations. I picked the afterlife of Ancient Egypt because it was very interesting. I wanted to do mummification but I found the afterlife and the gods involved in it interesting too. Afterlife relates to religion and I don’t think any other cultural universals. 

It was a little hard to cite my sources at first. I figured out that links were not enough and I had to give more information. I got used to citing the websites and books I used. I think that noodletools is a very helpful way to cite sources and research. 
The notecards made it easier to organise all my work. I also liked that we could put it into our own words. That made it easier and legal. Sometimes, I found it hard to organise my notes on paper but with noodletools, I got to put my different topics in different places which really helped. I think noodletools was very helpful and I will definitely be using it again. 


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