Two strengths I have when I organise are that I mange my time well. I never forget to do my homework and I always have time to do it. I also get extra time. Sometimes I have to wait for my brother, so I go to the library and I do my homework which I manage to complete. My second strength is that I do all my homework. I use google classroom and sometimes tiny  calendar so I never forget to do any homework. 

Two things I need to improve on is that I should remember what to put in my bag. I sometimes forget to put my notebooks or something important in my bag so I can’t do my homework. So I have to do it on my iPad or something. Another thing I could improve on is keeping my locker organised. It is so messy that sometimes I pick up the wrong thing and I take that to class. So I need to keep my locker organised and neat. 
A goal I have for the next six weeks is that I keep my locker organised and before I go home, I will check my bag to see if I have everything I need. That is my goal, to keep my locker organised and check my bag before I go home. 

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