Delhi Out And About Final Reflection

For The Delhi And The Seven Cities I think me and my partner did well. I really got to know about the city I studied for. We researched about one city and we were really productive. 

The Kahoot was good and I got to know a lot about technology. Me and my partner made a really good Kahoot. And along with making good questions we learnt a lot about technology our selves. 

I knew a lot about Gandhi already but after the project I got to know more. We researched about his childhood and I didn’t know about his visit to South Africa. I think me and my partner made a good movie. We really got a lot of information in the movie even though it was only five minutes. 

For Old Delhi I enjoyed the bus ride. I liked seeing the transition between New Delhi to Old Delhi. Red Fort was really nice and I got some good picture. But I was disappointed we couldn’t get off the bus.

My trip to India Gate and the Parliment house was good. I have seen India Gate before but not the Parliment house. We were supposed to be really quiet and respectful. I learnt some more about the history of India Gate.

I knew a lot about Gandhi but the Gandhi Meseum helped me understand  about Gandhi’s childhood. I got to understand about his beliefs and how he lived. I think the meseum helped me understand more about Gandhi. We saw his house so I now know that he didn’t wear fancy clothes and more about that stuff.

Dilli Haat was really crowded and filled with things. There was a lot if stuff made out of different matirials. Everything was very different than what you will get in shops in New Delhi.

In the metro ride we went on the metro and experienced what daily life at the metro is. It was emptier than I expected and I have never been on a metro in Delhi. The trip was exciting because it was new for me.
 My favourite trip was Dilli Haat because there was so much stuff. We could even buy it. It was very interesting how everybody acted and what kinds of things there were to buy. It was crowded but that is probably because there were a lot of goods. As you can see in the pictures below, there was a lot of different things.

I also liked the visit the Red Fort. We couldn’t get out of the bus but I still took a good picture. The Red Fort was beautiful. I already knew about Red Fort because that was one of my research projects but I never seen it so close up and in person. 

This was in the Gandhi Meseum

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