Delhi Out and About Reflection

How is this exploratory helping you in understanding Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions followed?

When we do projects it sticks to my head. We study about different things. I understand about the technology and a few places because I’ve done projects on them. I did a Kahoot on technology which helped me understand technology in India. I studied a city in Delhi called Shahjahanabad, I learned about the places and the rulers. I had to do research about it and then present it. I didn’t know about any cities in Delhi before. So I had to research about the history, we worked with partners. We divided our tasks.
(Talk about the research you did for the slideshow on “Delhi and its Seven Cities”, and kahoot. Describe your experience about the two projects mentioned.)

2. Express your views about the field trips taken so far. (Constructive feedback, like how did it help you with your learning).

When we went to Gandhi Smriti, I knew about him but not that much. I knew that he was important but I didn’t know about his early life. When I went to Old Delhi I saw Red Fort, I got to see a close-up. Also I got see the shops and things in Chandni Chowk. It was really cramped but there was so much stuff that was going on.

3. Describe one exciting memory from class based on the projects or the trips attended.

I really liked when we did the Kahoots, it was really fun. Along with having fun, we were learning at the same time. That’s an exciting memory.


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