This is the painting before I went to Rathambore. 

This is the painting I painted after I came back from Rathambore. The first painting has lots of colors. The dark blue at the corner is fear, I never have gone away without my parents. The yellow is happiness. I am so happy, that is why there is a lot of it. The pink is excited. I can’t wait to see a tiger or other animals. The green is relaxing. I am scared but I know it will be a great trip so I also am relaxed. The dark green is again fear. I had it again because when I figured about the toilets in the train I added more of it. You might have seen little hints of orange throughout the painting. It represents being nervousness. I didn’t put it in one place because I was nervous, not very but some. I never really got really nervous but I did get really excited at times. So I just sprinkled it on top. 


For the second one, I painted a tiger, because that’s what really excited me. So the tiger is orange and black, but it really represents pink which is being excited. The is a sun for happiness, the lines are curved because I am not angry that I want them sharp. I liked them curved. The grass is relaxing because it’s done. The blackness is sadness, I loved Rathambore. The other colors are tiger stripes.

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