Fantasy Sneak Peak 

Yes!” my brother screamed as he won the game of chess in a market in the middle of a doll shop. I rolled my eyes. Does chess have to be the only game we could play in a shop.      “I am better than you,” my brother said. He always did.   “Not, you are not! You are just an annoying crazy person,” I screamed. He smiled. Since my brother turned fourteen he is acting like he is the best. My mom was back at the baby dolls looking for a gift, it was for a little girl’s party. We were near the fancy dolls with fancy hats and fancy dresses with handmade baskets. I kicked the table. I didn’t realise there was a doll on display. Luckily it flew in the air and the shopkeeper got it. The table slammed on the ground.      “What are you doing!” He yelled, “Straighten up that table right now!” I frowned as I got up. I rubbed the dust of my pants. But the I noticed there was a small box. I picked it up and wiped up some green slime of it. I opened the box and gasped. There was a really pretty doll with a dagger. I leaned out to touch it. The moment my finger touched the dagger the shop became a blur. My head started to spin.‘Thump’
“Greetings kid”, he said getting up. I guess he is to lazy to ask me who I am. “Won’t you ask me who I am?” I asked. He shook his head like he just knew a girl would show up in his castle.“Well okay, hi,” I said,“can you get a rocket or something so I can go back to-“Going back? Rocket? I can send you like with a spell where ever you need to go.”“Really?” I asked. “For free?” “No! You will have to give me a trophy. Look, there is a competition. You will go through a maze and face four challenges. I wanted to enter but,” he sighed and looked at his feet frowning. “You are scared?” I guessed. “Of course not. I have a cough. So here’s the deal, you go get that trophy and I will send you home,” he said taking a sip of wine. How could he doesn’t this to me? I just want to go home. I felt like I was going to explode! I took a deep breath and smiled.   “Did you release that my mom is worried about me? She might be crying in a corner.” My voice started to get shaky.“ Besides, I am just me. I don’t have powers.”  “Shy Rem will show you the way,” he said pretending he had not heard.   “But,” I started. But Rem grabbed by the arm pulling me out the door. He smiled.  “Remember to be smart kid. Here,” Rem said handing me a few colorful shiny balls. They were small and they fitted in my hand.   “What is this?” I asked. But he just smiled. I figured out that Rem was a guy that tried to show everyone was below him.   “It is Lily by the way” I said.   “Okay Lily,” he said,“here is your partner Anna,” he pointed at a girl with brown curly hair, and brown eyes with a clean pink dress. Unlike Lily who had brown eyes and black hair. Her clothes, jeans with a shirt that had dirt and grass all over it. “This way girls,” he said taking them out to a garden. There was a really big maze with a small brown gate. I bit my lip. I can do this. It’s the only way I can go home. I looked at Rem for the last who was combing his hair and I stepped in the maze.
I chose the gist pharagraph because it gives a clue like about Lily. Like when she kicks the tables and touches the doll. I gives a clue that she has a bad temper and she is curios. It also tells about her brother, he thinks he is better than her. I like to describe characters. That is why I chose that pharagraph. 

I chose the second pharagraph because even here I am describing her and Anna. I tried to show the difference between both of them. I also tried to show how this people in the new world are. In the pharagraph it showed this is a magical world. I also wanted to show the difference between the worlds and people. I also think that it gives a a lot of information about the story. This is like the main pharagraph. If you don’t read it then the story will hardly make any sense. That is why I chose this pharagraph.

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